About me

I live in Adelaide South Australia.  I am still coming to terms with who I am and sculpt a framework of identity for myself from that which was shattered the day I found out I was adopted when I was 43.IMG_0238

I like to think that this will be the year I can  ‘put it down’.

Part of what I have found out about myself has been through Ancestry.com on a journey through discovering family characters: a WWI pilot, a knight, convicts, pirates, Quakers and a sheriff in the 1200’s.

In Adelaide, workshops for Adoptees will be run in September on DNA and then another series of poetry workshops.

I blog to give others an insight into the life of an Adoptee, and in particular, a late discovery Adoptee, but also for myself, to renew my connection to my roots.  I dream of being reconnected to the family that I was cut off from almost 60 years ago.

I can be contacted through the Contact Form below:

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