Have you settled on a name?

Settling on a baby’s name is usually done shortly after birth by the baby’s parents.

For adoptees, this is rarely the case.  I was unnamed and labelled on my records as Baby Dunning.

Other adult adoptees I know, talk of the name changes their adopting parents or they themselves made, throughout their lives, in the process of choosing or reclaiming name for identity.

My choice of name was settled when I needed to decide how I would appear in print as one of the four authors of ‘Adopted’, a book of poetry and prose completed and printed in July 2017.  I settled on Diana Dunning, retaining the first name my adopting parents chose for me, which ironically is the same as my birth father’s sister’s second name, and Dunning which is my birth mother’s maiden name.  For a few moments I struggled with an internal dialogue regarding permissions, and whether I was ‘allowed to use my mother’s family name’.

I have also changed the name of this blog a few times, seeking a title that describes my reasons for blogging. As a late discovery adoptee, I’m just catching up.

So … I’ve settled on a name, for me, and for this blog:

I am Diana Dunning (aka Di Dunning Saunders, retaining my married family name).