National Adoption Awareness Week in Oz

In November 2013 National Adoption Awareness Week came and went dominated by calls to increase the numbers of local and inter-country adoptions in Australia. An admirable appeal it seems, except for the absence of balance and the voice of Adoptees.
Australia was criticised as being anti-adoption when in fact the adoption practices in this country hold the welfare of children central to policy at present. There is pressure for this to change, catering to demand, the needs of adults, and there is suspicion that underneath these proposed changes within government policy, is the need to reduce their financial involvement and responsibility in children’s out of home care.
The recent Apology and the AIFS studies that led up to this, identified that some thousands of Adoptees were affected, and were still suffering, from the past adoption practices of previous decades.
This site aims to present the opinions and experiences of Adoptees, in the hope that it will become a resource for Adoptees and the community.
We welcome Adoptees adding their voices through replying to posts on these pages.